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Welcome to Premedics, your trusted partner in automated external defibrillator (AED) management solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive AED monitoring service ensures the seamless operation and compliance of your life-saving equipment so you can focus on what matters most – the safety of your employees and customers.

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Effortless Compliance
Stay ahead of regulations with our meticulous defibrillator management, monitoring, and maintenance services, ensuring your equipment consistently meets industry standards.
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Seamless Operations
Enjoy uninterrupted functionality of your commercial AEDs with our comprehensive management solutions, including timely replacements and proactive servicing, so you can focus on your business without worrying about equipment readiness.
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Peace of Mind
Trust in our expertise to handle all aspects of AED management, from installation to certification tracking, providing you with the assurance that your workplace is equipped for any life-saving emergency.

Over 1,000,000 Lives Are Protected by Premedics

Whether you need to buy, lease, or rent one AED or one hundred, we will get you everything you need all in one place.

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What to Expect with Premedics AED Management for Businesses

No Expensive Upfront Costs
Organizations opting for our defibrillator management services access high-quality AEDs through a rental or leasing arrangement. With Premedics maintaining ownership of the defibrillators, businesses can avoid upfront purchase costs while ensuring access to top-notch life-saving equipment.
All-Inclusive Monthly Pricing
You won't encounter any hidden fees with the Premedics AED management program. Any replacements for automated external defibrillator pads, batteries, and defibrillators are included in one monthly price so your business’ budget remains stable regardless of when these periodic updates are needed.
24/7 AED Monitoring Service
Never miss a battery replacement or let certification expire again with our AED monitoring. Our constant monitoring and proactive oversight ensure your business stays ready to protect lives 100% of the time. We act as an extension of your team to free your internal safety resources from the burden of AED management.
Constant Compliance
Our commercial defibrillator management and monitoring services safeguard your company against potential legal liabilities stemming from non-compliance with regulations and standards. By meticulously overseeing every aspect of your AED operations, from regular maintenance to timely updates and regulatory reporting, we ensure that your organization remains fully compliant with all AED regulations.
Indemnification Reassurance
We are so confident in our corporate AED management solutions that we offer a multi-million dollar insurance policy to protect organizations from legal ramifications. In the rare event that one of our managed AEDs is legally challenged, our indemnification policy covers potential expenses so your organization has full peace of mind.
Unparalleled Customer Service
Each AED management client works directly with a dedicated Premedics Account Manager who stays intimately familiar with your organization. With our commitment to personalized support, you can rely on prompt assistance and guidance from your dedicated Account Manager whenever you need it most.

How to Get Started


Complimentary Consultation

Our dedicated AED specialists craft personalized management programs tailored to your company's unique needs. From determining the ideal quantity to optimizing placement and beyond, we ensure a seamless process, alleviating any hassle on your end.


Proactive AED Management

We’ll stay ahead of potential issues with our constant monitoring, maintenance, and updates to your life-saving equipment. We ensure that your company’s defibrillators are always ready for use, eliminating downtime and maximizing effectiveness for critical situations.


Organizational Readiness

Your business will be empowered to act swiftly and decisively to save lives when every second counts during a cardiac arrest emergency. Our dedicated Premedics team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have, we’re delighted to help you!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The EMS that came on scene said we follow the right steps. We had emergency procedures in place thanks to Premedics. Everybody was trained. They said how unusual that is and I was shocked by that. They said most of the time when they get there, people are just standing around watching, waiting for help to arrive.”
“Premedics is a turnkey solution. Chris kept on saying, ‘I'll take care of it. I got it,’ and immediately went into just taking a whole lot off my plate. I was really impressed with Chris and his customer service. We have backup pads and batteries in our office. I mean, they just went above and beyond anything Cintas or any of the other big companies would have done.”
“I was looking for an all-inclusive package that was going to train staff on CPR but also train them on the AED device, and then regularly schedule that training to keep everybody fresh so it always stays in people's minds. That was a good advantage to the Premedics program that they provided that.”

About Premedics Industry-Leading AED Management and Monitoring Service

  • Founded by a paramedic in 1998
  • Headquartered in Brentwood, TN
  • Created AED management best practices

Industries We Work With

Healthcare Facilities
Sporting Arenas


What type of AEDs are provided through your management and monitoring service?

AEDs provided through our corporate AED management programs are equipped with wireless capabilities to meet remote monitoring requirements, ensuring seamless connectivity. We prioritize quality by remaining brand-agnostic, offering top-notch defibrillators from leading companies such as ZOLL, Defibtech, and Philips, without any bias or purchasing pressure.

Are there any indemnification clauses or legal protections included in the service agreements?

Our AED management and monitoring service for businesses and corporations ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. As an additional feature, we offer a multi-million dollar insurance policy for AEDs within our managed network.

What if my organization already owns AEDs?

If your organization already owns AEDs, we offer a convenient legacy AED buyback program, enabling your company to transition to the latest AED models with ease. This program allows you to upgrade your equipment while minimizing the financial impact so you have access to the most advanced life-saving technology available.

Do you coordinate with local emergency services or medical professionals as part of your company AED service?

Yes, as part of our company AED service, we ensure coordination with local emergency services and medical professionals to enhance the effectiveness of our AED management program. This includes proper registration of AEDs and involvement of medical professionals for post-deployment review or initial purchase consultations, ensuring comprehensive support and compliance with regulatory requirements.

I don’t have any AEDs. Can I buy AEDs from Premedics?

As the pre-EMS industry’s trusted AED readiness partner, we will get you everything you need for holistic AED management. We offer AED sales and subscriptions for leasing and rental.

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