Why Rent, Lease, or Buy AEDs from Premedics?

You'll never have to wonder whether you're set for success during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency with Premedics as your AED system management partner.

When minutes count, you and your team are fully equipped to step in and save a life until professional help arrives.

Our passionate team provides the industry-leading AED system equipment, training, and support you need to stay compliant.

You're sure to exceed your state's Good Samaritan laws and Class III medical device regulations when you partner with us.

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AED Rentals & Leasing

AED Rental & Leasing Programs: Tailored to Your Needs

Are you curious about renting or leasing an AED system? We provide a wide range of flexible programs for getting you the AED equipment you need within budget. These programs are great options for preserving upfront cashflow, staying up-to-date with maintenance, and letting us handle liability of these Class III medical devices. Our competitive AED rental and leasing rates make prioritizing safety more convenient than ever.

Helping you save lives is our passion. Premedics created the definition of best-practices for AED system management over 25 years ago by our founder, a paramedic. He saw first-hand how many more lives could saved if corporations, campuses, and communities had readily available AEDs—plus the people who knew how to use them.

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in America with 350,000 people perishing annually. Every minute that people wait for an ambulance to arrive decreases survival rates by a staggering 10%. You can be the lifeline of friends, coworkers, and strangers by simply planning ahead.

We know it's not just having an AED on-site that can be the determining factor in life or death situations. Does the AED have working pads? Did the battery expire? Is the AED/CPR trained person still around? Being prepared isn't merely about the equipment but a holistic AED management system. We can help you get there with our wireless AED leasing, rental, and sales programs.

Why Choose Premedics?

Industry Pioneers

Founded by a Paramedic in 1998, we lead the way in pre-EMS readiness systems management and best practice solutions.


As a trusted advisor to prestigious organizations all over the U.S., we’re a reliable partner in your life-saving readiness journey.


We stand behind your pre-EMS readiness with our multi-million dollar professional liability coverage to every managed AED system in your program.

Customer Success Story

Many people think about getting an AED, but what happens after it gets (if ever) used is a little unknown. Keeping AEDs up-to-date and maintaining coverage is easy with Premedics' rentals and leases. A particular client who was leasing their AEDs used one to save a man's life. We immediately overnighted a loaner device while prepping their new pads, batteries, and accessories to replace the used one. The next day, the client had to deploy the loaner AED to save another person's life!

Always have a working, ready-to-use AED by partnering with Premedics.