AED Subscriptions Hassle-Free AED Subscription Services for Businesses

Streamline your workplace safety with our comprehensive automated external defibrillator (AED) subscription program, where you get AED protection without any of the business liability.

A Comprehensive AED Package
Corporate AED packages include everything your organization needs to be fully compliant and ready to save lives during cardiac arrests.

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Cutting-Edge AEDs
Our cutting-edge, wireless AEDs harness the latest advancements in technology, ensuring optimal performance and reliability when every second counts in life-saving situations.
24/7 Wireless Monitoring
Benefit from round-the-clock wireless monitoring, providing constant oversight and immediate alerts to ensure your AEDs are always ready for deployment.
Hassle-Free Maintenance
Experience hassle-free maintenance with our convenient service, where we deliver AED pad, battery, and defibrillator replacements directly to your doorstep when they’re needed.
CPR/AED Training
We provide the essential training your team needs to use AEDs while meticulously tracking certifications, ensuring continuous coverage and readiness at all times.
Constant Compliance
Your organization will effortlessly meet all regulatory standards and requirements through our subscription programs. Our monitoring and proactive maintenance ensure compliance!

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How it Works


Complimentary Consultation

Our team of AED specialists will customize a subscription program based on the unique AED needs of your organization, including determining the necessary quantity, optimal placement, and more, ensuring a hassle-free process for you.


Proactive Management

With our AED subscription service, we’ll deliver pads, batteries, and new AEDs to your doorstep in advance of expiration at no extra cost. Our team handles compliance, training, and maintenance necessities on your behalf.


Organizational Readiness

Your organization will have everything it needs to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest in one easy place. Any time you have questions, the Premedics team is happy to help!

Over 1,000,000 Lives Are Protected by Premedics

Our industry-leading AED subscription services offer peace of mind to thousands of organizations, from small gyms to national healthcare providers.

Why Organizations Choose Our AED Subscriptions

No Expensive Upfront Costs

Individual AEDs cost thousands of dollars. Instead of buying them outright, organizations using our subscription services receive high-quality AEDs that are essentially rented or leased. Premedics maintains ownership of the AEDs so businesses bypass purchase costs.

All-Inclusive Monthly Pricing

There are no hidden fees with the Premedics AED subscription program. AED pad and battery replacements are needed periodically, as is complete defibrillator replacement, and your budget will not change when these necessary updates present themselves.

Seamless AED Management

Never miss a battery replacement or let certification expire again with our AED subscriptions. Our constant monitoring and proactive oversight ensure you stay ready to protect lives 100% of the time. We act as an extension of your team to free your internal safety resources from the burden of AED management.

Peace of Mind

Our AED subscription services provide peace of mind, ensuring that your life-saving equipment remains in optimal condition at all times. With our attentive support and proactive management, you can trust that your AEDs are prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations, alleviating any concerns about readiness or functionality.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I considered purchasing the unit, but then I was a little worried about the liability of maintaining the system. With Premedics, you don't have to buy it upfront (we had just opened up so a monthly payment was important to us) and then the fact that they were going to replace pads if we needed them or swap the machine if we needed to I thought was good for us because then we don't have to worry about it.”
“Premedics is a turnkey solution. Chris kept on saying, ‘I'll take care of it. I got it,’ and immediately went into just taking a whole lot off my plate. I was really impressed with Chris and his customer service. We have backup pads and batteries in our office. I mean, they just went above and beyond anything Cintas or any of the other big companies would have done.”
“I had never owned an AED device and didn't know what it took to maintain them. Premedics gave me a little bit of comfort in knowing that they knew the device and I could rely upon them so I didn't have to learn it all. I didn't have to worry that I was doing the wrong thing with the AED, because again, it's a lifesaving device it’s not like a go-cart tire.”

Industry-Leading AED Packages About Premedics

Thousands of businesses, corporations, and organizations are protected by Premedics AED subscriptions.

  • Founded by a paramedic in 1998
  • Headquartered in Brentwood, TN
  • Created best AED management practices

Industries We Work With

Healthcare Facilities
Sporting Arenas


What type of AEDs are provided through the subscription service?

All of our AEDs are equipped with wireless capabilities to fulfill remote monitoring needs. We are brand agnostic regarding AED manufacturers so you receive quality defibrillators from all the leading companies like ZOLL, Defibtech, and Philips without any bias or purchasing pressure.

How responsive is the support team if issues arise with the AEDs?

Premedics offers unparalleled customer service. Each client works directly with a Premedics Account Manager, who is consistently reachable by phone without sending you through an automated loop. Our clients fall on a wide range of experience levels so no question is off limits.

Is there a limit to the number of AEDs that can be included in the subscription?

No! Whether you need one AED or hundreds, Premedics AED subscriptions are a scalable solution. Wireless monitoring enables us to service AEDs regardless of quantity or location, so we’ve got you covered even if your AEDs are at multiple facilities.

Are there any geographical limitations on where the subscription service is available?

We provide AED subscription services for businesses, corporations, and organizations anywhere in the United States.

How quickly can AEDs be deployed or replaced if necessary?

Initial AED program rollout time depends on how many AEDs are included, however, your program is typically running and compliant in a couple of weeks. Any replacement devices post-deployment are overnighted to your facility to ensure complete compliance and life-saving coverage.

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