Compliance Sync™

Ensuring Compliance, Every Step of the Way

Having automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on-site is crucial to save lives during a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. But is simply isn't enough to hang them on a wall somewhere and "call it good."

  • AEDs are life-saving, Class III medical devices that must adhere to FDA, Good Samaritan, and American Heart Association regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Requirements vary by state, organization type, and building size, not to mention there's an ongoing responsibility to service AEDs when recalls occur or accessories expire.

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In the complex and ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations, Compliance Sync™ serves as your guiding light. We offer the convenience of overnight shipping for AED units after any event, ensuring your Corporate AED Compliance. Our meticulous checks and protocols guarantee that you will never have to question your preparedness before the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).

Rest assured; our comprehensive services extend beyond just physical readiness. We delve deep into the protections afforded to you by your state's Good Samaritan laws, ensuring that you're fully aware of AED requirements by state. Trust in Compliance Sync™ to navigate the intricate web of compliance, providing you with peace of mind and the safety of those you serve.

AED Compliance for All Organizations

Whether you have a single AED or 200 across multiple locations, Premedics has got you covered. Our many happy customers include businesses, gyms, churches, schools, healthcare campuses, malls, and more. Compliance Sync™ connects each wireless AED and is 100% scalable no matter your organization type. Large, corporate clients enjoy working with Premedics since our fully-compliant system offers easy rollout and consistency across all locations. Smaller clients appreciate our passion and availability to answer phone calls fast. We are on your team and support you as your experienced readiness partner.

Why Choose Premedics' Compliance Sync™?

Streamlined Processes for AED Compliance

Ensure seamless compliance with rigorous FDA regulations and the compassionate principles of Good Samaritan legislation. We make AED management for business straightforward and efficient.

Beyond Compliance: AEDs in the Workspace

We don’t just meet the legal requirements; our service ensures that your team is fully equipped and ready for any emergency with wireless employer-provided AEDs, allowing you to respond effectively.

Expert Oversight: Corporate AED Laws

Leverage the unparalleled expertise of PremedicsMD™, our specialized service that goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of compliance is addressed, with a keen focus on Corporate AED Compliance.

Customer Success Story

Paramedics, EMS personnel, and law enforcement are constantly impressed by organizations protected with Premedics' AED management system. In one event, our large-scale mall client was suddenly confronted by police asking to see details about their AEDs. They called us in a panic and the answer was simple: just show them the records from our automated system. The printed information was in the police officer's hands in 10 minutes, who was amazed at how thoroughly the AEDs were monitored. 

Don't leave compliance to chance.