Is Your Team Ready?

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are indispensable during sudden cardiac arrests, which are a leading cause of death in America.

Would you step in to save a coworker's, friend's, or stranger's life if you could? With Premedics AED/CPR training, the answer is a confident yes!

  • It's not enough to rely on a single training that took place years before.
  • We emphasize the importance of ongoing training so the steps and information remain fresh.
  • Only then will you and your team be truly ready when faced with the day you hope never comes.

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AED/CPR Training

Stay prepared and save lives with our pioneering, 3-tiered approach.

Founded by a paramedic over 25 years ago, Premedics realizes that preparedness extends beyond a certificate. We are passionate about providing comprehensive AED system management so you never question your ability to save lives. Our unparalleled AED/CPR training services exceed American Heart Association and Good Samaritan regulations by following a unique 3-tiered approach:

It's easy to get started.

Simply reach out to the Premedics team to discuss your best options for AED/CPR training. We're your all-inclusive readiness partner who guarantees that you and your team are prepared to save lives. From wireless AED rentals and AED leasing programs to holistic AED system management, we have you covered. Our clients include businesses, corporations, churches, malls, healthcare campuses, schools, and more.

Why Choose Premedics for CPR/AED Training?


Comprehensive Tracking

Our wireless AED management system automatically records your team's training status so you never miss recertification or coverage if members leave. There will never be a gap in preparedness.

Readiness Partner

Our mission is to help you save lives. The caring and knowledgable Premedics team is just a phone call away if you need any support with AED hardware, training, maintenance, and more.

Peace of Mind

Our training adheres to and surpasses the recommendations of the American Heart Association and Good Samaritan laws. Premedics AED/CPR training guarantees that you remain compliant.

Customer Success Story

When faced with a real-life emergency, the pressure can be overwhelming. That's why prior AED/CPR training is imperative. One of our customers had opened a new franchise just months before they unfortunately needed to put their training to the test. A guest was feeling shortness of breath after light activity and toppled from his chair. There was a moment of shock before the franchise owner's instincts kicked in and he realized the person who could help was himself!

He grabbed the nearby AED and proceeded to tend to the man while the ambulance was on its way. Six minutes later, the paramedics took over and the person's life was saved. The EMS personnel acknowledged how the franchise owner's high-level of preparedness was very uncommon. Luckily, he was ready to step in and helped saved the man's life.

Every minute that goes by without AED application reduces sudden cardiac arrest survival rate by 10%.